Pastel Art

With “Pastel Nagomi Art” ,you can enjoy calm and peaceful feeling created by the fusion of a gentle and warm tone of pastel and a simple and unique technique of drawing it in powder with fingers.

With the theme of “Toward Realization of a Harmonious and Healthy Harmonious Social Environment”, “Anyone from the child to the elderly can draw beautiful art about 20 minutes, easy”.

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~Pastel Nagomi Art~

It is a calm and relaxing art.

🐬 Everyone  from children to elderly can draw easily and beautifully.

🐬You can draw with about 20 minutes, it will also make you feel confident and healed.

🐬You feel like you were back to children day,

🐬Simply Joy


🐬The enjoyment of the time to show each other’s pictures is exceptional.

🐬You can put your beautiful art at you home.

🐬 It’s great gift for your family and friends.

🐬You can express your feelings through art.

By completing the paintings, you can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and you will gain confidence in yourself.


🌈Pastel Japanese Art Experience Class (Let’s draw 2 pictures!)

$ 30/2 hours (including material and tea time)


🌈Pastel Nagomi Art Assistant Instructor Course

(20 hours) 3 days course.

You will draw 24 arts.

After this course, a workshop of pastel art can be held.

This course is also good for self healing as well.

$ 700 (Assistant Instructor Certificate, all materials included)


🌈Pastel Nagomi art Instructor course

It is a course for those who have completed assistant instructor course who want to train to be instructors.

$ 125

For booking and Enquiery


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