🌈Reiki Healing Session🌈

🐬60min Reiki Healing   $60

🐬90min Reiki Healing   $80

Reiki heaking at Kewarra beach / Cairns.

🌈What is Reiki?🌈

Reiki is one of those vibrations that fill the universe.

The existance of a mysterious energy that guides everything towards harmony has been recognized in various parts of the world since times immemorial.

In Japan, this energy has been called Reiki and has long been employed for healing purpose.

Reiki is the immanent manigestation of the higher dimension(the Great Universe).It is the waves of Love, Harmony and Healing, and it resonates with higher human consciousness.

Reiki fills the universe as pure Light and Its function is to lead us to health and happiness.

Reiki-ho is practice which enables us to employ Reiki for the purpose of making our lives peaceful, fruitful and meaningful.Reiki-ho starts with hand-healing techniques whose goal is to enhance our own vibration.


(Photo: Mt Kurama)

Usui Reiki Ryo-ho

The terms “Reiki” and “Reiki Ryo-ho” have been used by many healers throughout the ages, especially by some who lived during the Meiji period, the Taisho period, and the early Showa period(late 19th to early 20th centrury.)

Mikao Usui established Usui Reiki Ryo-ho as an original path to wellness and happiness.

Usui Sensei practiced a spiritual discipline because he wished to attain Anshin Ritsumei, profound innter peace.

It so happened that at the moment when he reached this stage, he also obtained the ability to heal.

Usui Reiki Ryo-ho is based on the idea that “human beings are created healthy and happy.

Gendai Reiki Ho

Gendai Reiki Ho is based on Usui Sensei’s understanding; Gendai Reiki Ho affirms that it is not just “ultimate wellness can be attained through resonance between one’s inner Reiki and universal Reiki”but also “spiritual growth too. can be realised through increasing resonance with Reiki.”

🌈Gendai Reiki Course🌈 

🍀Healing training(techniques for wellness) Level 1&2

🐬Level 1 (sho-den)  

Acquiring Reiki healing ability

Opening the pathway through which Reiki flows and acquiring basic knowledge and techniques.

Practiving hand-on healing yourself and people close to you.

🐬Level 2 (Oku-den)

Improving Reiki healing ability

Improving the quality and strength of the flow of Reiki by means of the symbols, and learning advanced techniques in order to practice Reiki healing for the benefit of many people.

Spiritual growth techniques for happiness

🐬Level 3 (Shinpi-den)

Aiming for the first step towards the state of inner peace.

Understand Usui Sensei’s teachings and learn how to attain true happiness(absolute serenity).

🐬Level 4  (Gokuikai-den)

Spreading the Light of Reiki

Emphasis is placed on your own personal practice and the teaching of others in order to enhance the quality of their lives.

Course Fee( Inc Manual and Certificate)

Level1 $300

Level2 $300         Level 1&2 Set price $550

Level3 $500

Level4 $1500

Booking: Maki 0403-112-116