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Psychologists have determined that colour is the first thing noticed about a person.

It’s impact and impression is immediate and lasting.

Wearing your best range of colours will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant, energetic & harmonious. While wearing unflattering colours can make you look older, exhausted and even dull.

Know what colours work best for you and watch the compliments roll in!

What are the best colours for you?

Your best colours are determined by your natural hair, eye and skin colour. As part of your colour analysis consultation, we identify which seasonal and colour group you belong to.

After my colour analysis, I discovered that I am warm spring. When I wear my warm spring colours, they make me feel bright, comfortable and very happy. My make-up, clothes and accessories are all working in harmony together to flatter me and make me look vibrant and healthy.

How a colour analysis can save you money

Once you have determined your best colours, you know what works well for you and what to buy. Look at your current wardrobe – how many of the clothes you own do you actually wear?

You probably know why you don’t wear some of those clothes – they don’t make you feel good, vibrant and energetic. They probably look terrible on you!

Typical wardrobe expenses

Average cost per article of clothing$50
Nearly all women own 100 significant items of clothing$5000
But they only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time$1000
This is repeated every 6-8years.$4000 Wasted

So don’t waste money any more on clothes and accessories that you don’t wear at all.

Learn the colour style that makes you look great and maximizes your potential.

Knowing the colours that are best for you saves time and money when you shop – you will know what to look for even before you go shopping. You colour swatches are like your best companion – they’re compact and can be easily carried in your bag.

When you know your range of colours, not only will you look great, but it will also make you feel happier, more energetic and more confident.

Your colour analysis consultation      $150

colour analysis consultation roomBook a colour analysis consultation now! You will receive:

  • a high quality colour swatch(50 colours)
  • 22 page colour file containing information about your colour range
  • 90 min consultation

To book your colour consultation,please call Maki McCarthy 0403-112-116