🌈Relaxation Yoga🌈

🐬Breathing Excersize

With Slow movement and deep breathing,

your mind get clear and calm down and please enjoy feeling of sence of peace.

🐬Loosening Excersice

Let go unnecesary tention completely and loose up your joint

soften your body with warm up.

🐬Yoga Pose-ASANA-

We will balancing chakra balance in whole body.

Standing up posture

Sitting down posture

Balancing pose

Crocodile Pose

This relaxation yoga, we will relax after each yoga posture.

🐬Deep Relaxation
This is one of most important time at yoga.

Let’s go all unnecessary tention completely and surrender your heart, mind and body to nature around.

It’s like relaxing &floating on the ocean.


Pranayama, the Art &Science is an essential part of yoga practice.

Pranayama is the Science of cleansing, balancing and gaining control over the Universal life force-“Prana”in the human system.(Pranayama The Art and Science)


Enjoy peaceful time with Relaxation Yoga.
Thank you.
Maki McCarthy
In 2005, she became the Indian government certified yoga instructor at Vivekananda Yoga Institute.
Let’s enjoy peaceful time with Reiki, Sound and Yoga.
Thank you.